Dear Kabam and players,

On 19th of this month between 00 AM and 1:30 AM (about), the game have used my two thousand gems, taken by the arenas, to buy a lot of minigames offer (50 gems for each). I didn't want absolutly to buy that offer but i wasn't be able to stop it in any way. The game was frozen. My tablet was came back from technical assistant only 1 week ago. So the problem is not my tablet.
There weren't any announcement of error or fatal error in the game, the only strange thing what happened was that the game, after the end of gems, was reset.

I ask that YOU re-give me my gems

After the theft, strange case, appear the make up i ask a strange coincidence???

I open a ticket from the game and kabam support answers me that they cannot do anything and they give me 3 SS and 5 mana pots..but...but..wait...are you kidding me???

This is also a warning from all other players

First Kabam steal our gems with arenas refresh, now in this way

Be carefull guys