Hello this is gambit from ector 36, little back story on me; I'm an avid player and enjoy providing necessary criticism for this game. This event is possibly the worst event you have done created so far. I have spent 300 stamina pots farming and have only received 10 or so summoning stones. What the hell ? The drop rates are a joke, I speak for everyone that plays hoc when I demand for the summoning stones drop rate to increase. I think it will be in your best interest to do so. Let's think about this logically. so far the posts have provided a sufficient enough evidence that no one in particular has enjoyed the Halloween event thus far. If no one enjoys the event then no one will play it, therefore no one will use there stamina pots. Towards the end of the event when you guys put out a stamina sale so people can recoup their stamina losses on the event, no one will purchases them because they do not need to recoup their losses. In order to fix this dilemma you need to increase the drop rates on summoning stones. More people will start using their stamina pots if your increase the drop rates on summoning stones therefore when you provide that sale on stamina options at the end it will be more likely that people will purchase them to recoup their losses. Trust me when I say to increase the ss drop rates, more people will use their options and you will gain money at the end; I would like for an admin to respond so I can receive feedback on this necessary criticism and so I can be informed on the plans kabam will do to fix this terrible event