Hello officials
This game is getting boring more and more.. there is nothing to do but spending.. we dont want you to bring really huge updates give us some wandering bosses at least as you ve done before but of course with reasonable drop rates we are not the kitties those are going after a stupid ball of wool after all. That shouldnt be so hard to manage cos we know you are capable of doing that but we dont understand why you dont... maybe some arenas like koreans have been getting.. these are not big things to do.. castle event maybe but I am not sure we do like it under last conditions drop rates and big walls and also the rewards. But the main issue please please please be reliable be trusted on your advertisments of your offers, on your events, on the drop rates especially drop rates you should be more clear and transparent to us. I really would like to know my chance on any offer or pool Im not about 3x-6x things Im about numbers.. after last city event I used more than 500 ss in one go the result was dissappointment I know many people had same drama many times.. I think I should have right to know my chance in a pool or an offer. Also kabam can adjust the rates during the event or promo continues without any notification we witnessed it many times so how can it be called Luck!

If I dont trust you like the most of players I think this is not my fault and maybe it is time to watch yourself now..

Sincerely and respectfully