To any of you in KABAM who does care about losing loyal players, please do consider offering more arenas in a regular basis. This entails not just offering the same freakin' arena weekly, over and over again. We are SICK and TIRED of the never-ending balzathor arena, earth mother arena, and pathetic insects arena and other 3 and 4 star cards.

There was a time when i would look forward into playing this game for the variety of arenas it offered. Every week, i would see a new super arena featuring a 6-star card, along with various flash arenas that offered 5-star cards for anyone who finishes it. Nowadays, the same arenas are just being recycled every week.. and honestly, it has created a decline in interest when it comes to playing this game.

In my server, galahad-65, i have seen a tremendous decrease in player activity. Even our strong and active players began to quit. Our realm's top spenders have lost the urge to even invest in this game any further, and casual players who actively play the game everyday are now getting bored.

If i were in your shoes, now would be a good time to offer NEW and INTERESTING arenas, discounted make-up chests, or events that would keep your players loyal to this game. If I'm not mistaken, galahad-65 has given you more profit than any other server, and its such a shame to see you disappoint them with such lousy promos and pathetic arenas.

KABAM, if you do care, please do bother replying to this post. I would really appreciate your feedback regarding this matter. Thank you.