Deleting my posts will not help your situation. Aaron , Dash and Smash I am sure you can check my email that is registered to this account. You can determine from that email and from my name what company I work for and what position I hold there ( so you can know I am for real) I know many people on the boards of directors of your investors. While it is very high level contacts that may not care about this small part of Kabam , I will do everything possible to pestor these people , until they put pressure on your leadership to put pressure on you.

Specific Issue of the day: Today you started two arenas , druid and camelot. However , even though you can only enter it with druid or camelot decks , the enemies you encounter , are not druid and camelot but random decks.

Constructive Feedback: Please ensure that when you run a specific arena , you face enemies that you are actually able to defeat. Please fix this issue , so only druid decks are visible in druid arenas and camelot decks in camelot arena.

Specific Feedback:HOC TEAM YOU ARE BAD AT WHAT YOU DO , please improve quickly.

Please Tweet : HOC TEAM YOU ARE BAD AT WHAT YOU DO , please help them improve to:


Thank you