Hi Everyone,

I have been playing for almost a year now; love this game ! Figured probably about time to introduce myself; so I have :-)
Not sure if everyone offers ideas after introduction, I however would like to.
I do imagine some of my ideas may be repeats, but as they say good minds think alike.

1. Include a page that tracks wandering boss reset times

2. Add trackers in guild member page showing how many of each scroll type collected. (visible to everyone)

3. When pop up occurs to notify us to use mana/stam pot; include some type of visual indicator of how many we have remaining

4. Selectable Avatar picture that does not change with team leader card

5. Allow us to be able to select opponents cards in arena so we can see picture/stats/combos

6. Toggles for cards to show/hide while Upgrading

7. Counter in the arena that shows total gold/tickets/gems spent in that arena

8. Guild Raid toggle to pass on Boss Card

9. Guild Raid Announce Message Popup that disappears after Accept/Decline that shows up in any area of the game

10. This last one is kinda radical :

Stop using stars to determine card rarity

This way you can have super rare 1*'s , and uncommon 6*'s , or legendary 4*'s....
I think this will open the game to unlimited possiblities.

PS Oh yeah here one last idea : Utility Cards

Cards that can:
increase amount of gold dropped
increase guild scroll drop rates
increase wandering boss drop rates
increase amount of exp gained
decrease/regen stam while exploring