Im a Young German player and Hand post the Problem in the German Forum. Somebody means there is no Person from kabam which is interested what we write there..sorry for my englisch...and now i will Tell You my Problem:
Beförderung kabe make a update i Win some Fights with my s Quote by 100fights40 wins to 60 Loss. And now...0 wins and 100 loss..
Also i have the Same opponents ...i Fights against three..Uups the Same opponents....i erfrech...Uppsala the Same 1000 opponents its my opinion fight max against 10 - 15 Alain, again and the News stand.... Better Chance to Win, More FairPlay.......i can't See this.... Please give me the Old stand....the player which Win All..can get the new update......i have no Fun with this Situation and i mean it can't be that is it so....what is our opinion?"