Hi guys so i wonder what is point of using death card. here are details:

it have common (kindly low ) 6* stats

10% proc rate - good skill 200% dmg (hp ) to lowest hp - so thats kinda good but hard to use.

we talk as a death card t4 as a hard to get end game card however it doesnt connect in any worthfull combo? so what you guys think?

Kabam maybe some new worthy combo with death? like 50-150%hp / 50-150% hp for ALL 4 horsemens ( that would sounds nice) - worth getting . horsemens should be a worthy cards . rare . unique combo! and what they got

chance for instant kill - maybe 1/5 times it will proc . probably in some useless moment apart from that they are ****. better to get any 150-200% dmg combo