Already a few days all players on our server can't play, they got next problems :
1. They can't enter (error=1002)
2. If they logging in - they can't walk on event earth - lags + same error 1002
3. They can't raid, by the same problem. And raids are overing by timeout.
4. People can't go on arenas Error=101 or 102
5. New event earth are low on drop(compare to previous grounds)
6. New arena rules are awful - withing half of party i can walk arena on 8000 like in 1 hour because my opponent are lower then me.
7. New drop for summon awful - for 200 summons i had 3 white knight ( it would be great luck, if it wasn't the only 6* card i had perfect t4), and all rest - 3* (5-7 4* and 1-2 5*). Kinda super low drop.

Please, guys, do something really cool and working.

With best regards,
??????? from ????-54