Ok, so we need to do something with the vault, from what i understand, its where cards are recieved from promotions or whatever, which is pointless because we have the notification attatchments, this whole vault thing is useless, but heres an idea to make it an amazing tool

use it to store our cards, especially ones we do not use for a main deck, people who can store cards for things like these weird arenas we have now.

this promotes 2 things, storage capacity for cards we do not use often as special arenas only take place once in a while

also reduces risk of accidental feeding, by putting cards in the vault, you wont risk feeding possible deck cards by mistake, i have seen over and over again where people got drunk, stoned or just blinked at the wrong time and made this mistake.

When the vault came out, i think most of us thought it served that purpose alone, and the fact we were told it wasnt like that, we were very dissapointed. Look into this.