Another weak promo. 1 chest gets 1 token , come on. I thought id at least get 10 tokens in a chest , I won the arena. And got 3 pulls as I predicted no 6* , thought id try chest to see if I cud get some more tokens , but just another lame promo , so sick of getting robbed. , fair warning
1chest 1token
Chest2. 3token
Chest3 1 token
Chest 4 and 5 was a card that was magically lost.

Shuda went to mcdonalds instead , , , sick of your rip off promos. , just give us some stuff. Im not spending anymore till something changes. , leaves a awfull taste in my mouth , I wont even go into the totem scam. , not right guys , try and support the game and yur paycheck but im done , better buy the store brand food. Cause you guys are about to be on a budget kabam