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very important improvements needed composed and accepted by a large number of players

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  • #31
    Originally posted by quaketorres View Post
    I think everything works 'fine' but arena system.
    arena designed for tops..tops in the 1st places(fine).
    Knights warband arena..7*players on top..
    archimage arena: the same guys on top.
    arabel arena: all tops 'trolling in the deep of 2000' power to get a ss and also blocking noobs for getting the card making them refresh XXX times.

    No ranked 24h arena: God..put 3500/4000 max with no tkts on it.ppl is all day on chat asking for lowering..

    And the worst of all..there's no real a 'evasive' arena...of you find 1 guy with the same combos and same stats than you..Instead of fighting wait for refresh to mantain streak...thats a massive design fail.
    U are right there...
    My deck: 750/207k
    And still it really hard to progress in the arena starting at 2k might...
    Sometimes after refreshing for 3 hours im like 100 might further! I keep getting the top 20 on my server as easy normal and hard. My deck is nothing compaired to theirs. I really hope they changed the arena system in the next patch...


    • #32
      Well, the biggest design fail in the current arena system is the high % of streakbonus loss when you lose. Why is it a design fail? Because nobody even trys to attack a player with about the same stats. Not to speak about players with slightly better decks. Its not worth to try to win against somebody when you have 70/30 chances to win, as you will to much of your bonus if the 30% chance to lose hits you. So what do you do? You refresh and wait for players that are an 100% win. That slows down the arena and makes it incredibly boring.
      Another big design flaw is the big randomness in the fights. Its so depressing to fight against someone with the same combos as you have but all with unleveled cards, having half the stats of yours and still losing. Happened to me 3 times in a row, making me fall from 400%+ to 60%. Thats the moment when you only get max 1 player to fight against per refresh and you know that you need to win 130 times (130x 3 minutes = 390 minutes = 6h 30m of non stop arena) just to get the same bonus points you had before to be competative again.

      If the bonus loss wouldn't be that high, the arena would be far more competative and motivating. Its ok for me, when you lose more when you are above the 200%, as that doesn't hurt that much and prevents people from never falling from their lets say 2000%. But its ridiculous to lose 50% of everything until 200%

      Also, work on the bugs in the arena.. Like when team 1 of your enemies die and your teams keep attacking that dead team for several rounds, ignoring the fact that the team is dead. And the azarel bug and and and...


      • #33
        Originally posted by joaoletras View Post

        The biggest problem that i know for sure and that everyone i know is complaining about is not being able to fight after 5 or 6 refreshes, how could you enjoy competing like that?
        S, SS and most of SSS decks to complete arena they need to have a good amount of tickets so they can lose most of the games or maintain the bonus at each victory, but how am i going to complete a 4000 arena if i have to refresh 5, 6, 7 times just to fight once and then refresh again 5 or 6 times, even if i maintain the sequence I will not finish the arena for lack of time, it happens to me.
        Everyone knows that after certain number of wins the challenges that appear are players with more 100k pv or that have the double of your atk, in this situation you have 2 options loose and make 3 or 4 points (bonus activation) if you have a large number of tickets to do it - s ss and players have a large numbers of tickets ? I don´t think so except some cases - or reach 2000 strength at the end of the day with your beautiful sequence of 70 victories without completing the arena.

        Arenas should guarantee you at least one player in easy to fight, it’s simple to implement this, however the guys with better combos and decks will always stay in front cause they can win the hard and medium challenges more often

        I agree, but kabam doesn't care about it. Maybe if people quit and game dies they will notice.


        • #34
          I totally agree with the OP. Arena design is so fail. An easy guy is stronger like 10x then me. IS he really easy ? Cmon kabam. Arena system has to be changed. And ofc i would definetly want an Auction System. Or Trading system.


          • #35
            Originally posted by RyuJin Jakka2 View Post
            I totally agree with the OP. Arena design is so fail. An easy guy is stronger like 10x then me. IS he really easy ? Cmon kabam. Arena system has to be changed. And ofc i would definetly want an Auction System. Or Trading system.
            Sadly, I think the latter two requests are something that may never happen, but the first request is definitely something we are currently assessing. We're doing a kind of audit on the Arena system, so this sort of feedback is always valuable.



            • #36
              Originally posted by Kabam_Dash View Post
              Sadly, I think the latter two requests are something that may never happen, but the first request is definitely something we are currently assessing. We're doing a kind of audit on the Arena system, so this sort of feedback is always valuable.

              It may help if everyone would have to fight everyone in random order until you have met everyone on the battle field. So this would avoid insane streaks build up, more or less show some real ranking. Yes it would still be possible to refresh, but if you`ve done all the easy fights, so it`s time for the hard or even impossible ones. It could say on some stat your current situation like 19/1050 there 19 means you met 19 players out of 1050 and it would reset to 0/1050 after you meet them all. Yes you can make it possible to reset as soon as user reach 50% for some price using gems, just to make something for business out of all this idea too.

              Some more of my ideas on the newest forum topics if anyone interested.


              • #37
                too young to simple,naive, item3 exchange cards is the ending of this game.


                • #38
                  Trading system will make this game collapse forever. I was playing the game that can trade with potions (as money) in game that follow with hack and duplicated cards and potions that make some card 10x over prices like 10k pots per 1 regular fresh card. So i like this kind of untrade card game. If game can trade many player will have multiple account to get free Gems and ss to get easy on cards and transfer to their main account. I use to have 4 account with 4 device on the game I was play and I do that to get stronger easily and game balance was broken. All of these is just my opinion. sorry for my bad English.


                  • #39
                    In my point of view only arena opinion is constructive. The enhancement suggesion is unnecessary, you can enhance the cards to max level easily with all the feeders got from events. It's just a matter of time to collect all 5* card or above and 8 cards PE them. This involves time and efforts to do so.

                    And I think the trade system is only applicable with certain conditions: 1. Limited trading amount of cards( only one card is able to be traded per week) 2. Only same star card is allowed to be traded. Ie. 6* card is only allowed to be traded with 6*, 5* vice versa. 3. All cards after traded are reset to tier 1. Otherwise, like someone said a simply trade system will shorten this game lifespan because of hackers/duplicate new account. These all need a lot of workload or even meaning remaking hoc. Therefore, as GM said trade system will not be happened in this game.

                    I believe improvements on raid/castle siege/fixing arena bug and card bug/new cities/recycling of cards should be listened.
                    Potemkin and someone had posed about these on forum before.

                    One thing about enhancement I had suggested is having an enchanting system of card, tier 4 cards can be improved their stat by feeding same tier 1 card. Only 5* or above cards are allowed to improve, 1% stat improve by feeding it's same card and theax time is set as 20 for instant. To do so players need to use gems or collect items from arena rank reward or rare drop from exploring. How does this sound?

                    If you've played this game for few months or longer you'll realise that this game become boring as there is not much things to do in late game, even you get a 6* it's still useless as you've already tier 4 it. Therefore, I strongly suggest the implementation of enchanting feature to this game.

                    Sorry for my bad English.


                    • #40
                      i read all suggestions here, what i noticed ppl r only thinking abt himself rather tn all players.Its kabam game suggestions would be in favour(profit) of kabam and it helps to ppl who plays alot and spend some money to get good stuffs.
                      here i would like to give some suggestion to improve heroes of camelot:
                      1. vault: in vault there should be a sell option so ppl dont need to collect thousands of cards nd tn sell it for gold.
                      2. heroic summon: there should be no 3* cards in this summon coz its worthless to hv hundreds of each. only 4* and above (drop rate as kabam wants to gv us)
                      3. trading is like killing game but there should be a gift option whr ppl can gift his stuffs to others widout any cost and it should be only for guild members. so ppl can gift his worthless cards to some new players.
                      4. summon charms: everything is good but there should be n exchange of charms for summon stones or some other stuffs.
                      5.arena: arena is too good matchmaking is also good but dont gv few players only gv random so everyone can fight everyone. And refresh cost only 1 gems lesser it cost more ppl do it nd and last it will be profitable option for kabam.
                      6. gems pack: there should be something else in gems pack so ppl hv interest in buying those packs... like gv sm free summon stones or potions (random stuff) and one more thing give few guranteed cards like if someone buys 10 times or more they can possibly get a card guranteed if he doesn't get anything out of pack.


                      • #41
                        Was trying to change accounts on my phone with another from my tablet and realized the only way is to delete app and reinstall but in my case it keeps uploading original account why not have a page where you can log in and out as you wish?


                        • #42
                          Yes, i agree
                          Move KABUG, move KABUG, work


                          • #43
                            My HoC acc is less then 7 weeks old, without spending money i am looking @ 726k/208k stats atm

                            Currently used cards (t4 unless stated otherwise, using the 8-15 evolution method only, 5* and up cards are allways +2 overleveled on every stage(except for t1 if they dropped as max lvl), 4* only @ the last stage)

                            Team 1
                            Balz, Fenric, t3 Ossi, Necro
                            Team 2
                            Desde, t3 Karn, Gravebane, Morbius the cursed
                            Team 3
                            Loholt, Sunmage, Keeper of the glade, t2 Juicifer (only got a swordsman very close to juicy event end= wasn't able to get more then 2 cards)

                            I am 1 Karn short of t4 ing him, will replace t2 juici with t4 Covetous whelp soon and move the whelp in 2nd position in that team, will replace sunmage with t3 hellborn when i get my 4th, hopefully next flame arena.

                            Getting a decent deck is so much easyer in HoC then it is in HG, Yes arenas require kamikaze mode to get the highest level of might rewards, but who cares, you have multiple ticket sources and streak bonus sources.
                            Currently 420 fights down in the scorched arena and @ 6503, at this rate i'll need another 750 to get the 15k might reward, but who cares, even if this had been a ticket arena like the 6* thing, you get spammed with tickets along the way. Besides the rewards are very valuable.

                            Stop slacking and work on your party.

                            Now to the topic.


                            1 Arena guardian minimum on manual refresh would be nice (so those refusing to kamikaze can get atleased 1 win per refresh)
                            Add a reason to stay in arena battles opposed to skipping, maybe the "reaction cyrcles" from event bosses could add amounts of bonus might, substracted from your bonus pool, thus rewarding you with more per fight= less fights needed for the goal. (Top 10 deck ppl will still just spam engage and skip, but this would aid those that reset from time to time)
                            Card deconstruct, could also be used on ts that you for some reason failed to overlevel (cough event drops)
                            Guild rewards for events, as in the better your guild total in the event the better the reward given out, lets say a copy paste from the regular player based leaderboard and available to every member (that was in the guild prior to event start) of the coresponding rank, r1 guild? every one gets the current r1 personal reward, r2? you get he r2 awards and so on.
                            Stone mill: Turn multiple same rarity cards into 2 stones, eight 4*s or five 5* or two 6*= 2 stones. Enlisted some stuff you doneed more of? no prob save them for stone milling so you can have more tries.


                            • #44
                              Man this necro post made me miss some of these old players. I had forgotten some of their names.


                              • #45
                                Not a player to player exchange but maybe a 2 or 3 legendary for a random legendary card swap would be nice or a 1% increase in t4 stats when enhanced by same legendary card. Just something we can do with the cards we already have at 8 card perfect. For example I have 22 totem guards 32 death 27 scarecrow we need something for all the excess legendary cards we collect to make them Worth something please! Or if u take the 2 godly cards and super evolve into titan card but can only do with two godly cards of same card can't use godly and 1 legend. And gives 10% increase to godly stats. Be a good idea. Let me know your thoughts on this idea.