This morning I started the tickets and potions arena about 45 minutes after it began. As soon as I hit around 1300 might I started having to refresh every 3 minutes. I dont understand the purpose of matching you up against sometimes 2 impossible to beat players in Flash Arenas. There is no ladder in them so theres no competition. Players are not competing for a top ladder prize. Flash Arena opponents should all be easy to ensure players who need those might rewards get them without using up too many tickets. Why would Kabam make Flash Arenas hard just to screw over players who dont have $5,000 decks? Most of the time the top players finish and then dont lower their decks. This forces you to either stare at your phone for 6 hours straight making sure you refresh every 3 mins until you hit top might rewards. Or you can just lose your way to those rewards draining your supply of tickets. I dont mind using a lot of tickets to make sure I get a good top 10 prize because I am competing against the other 2000 players on my server. But who am I competing against in a Flash Arena?

Possible Solutions:

1. Immediately remove players from a Flash Arena after they hit the last Might Reward. If the last reward is 3500 might then once a player gets that they are removed from the pool of players chosen to be your opponents. This way after the top players steamroll to the top reward in 30 minutes they are removed so you dont have to refresh every 3 mins.

2. Challenge spot is ALWAYS an Arena Guardian. This will let everyone gain might points at a decent rate. But the Arena Guardian seems to have been removed, at least for me. This is my 4th arena in a row where I havent seen a "real" arena guardian. Only one I ever get is some guy with t4 crack knights and gods by the same name.