Ello forums. I'm Dusk from Realm 26.

I enjoy this game a lot, it has its ups and downs. It makes me happy, and it makes me furious.. a lot.

But, overall its a fun game. So I thought to myself "What's a good way of showing appreciation of a game that doesn't involve draining my bank balance.. again"

So I thought i'd put my skills to use and whip this up. Do note it's a work in progress, but it's of my favorite card in the game, Mist Stalker. I love this card so much I even dreamt about getting it to t4 xD (I have a t2 only sadly.)

So here ya go, just a sneak peak on what's to come (I'm planning on making it into colour, but i'm slightly colorblind to certain colours so it's hard to differentiate the colours on the card art)

Hope ya guys and girls like it!