Hello Aaron and Kabam,

Could we please have a sticky post put together containing the current rules, information and details of castle siege.

There are many loose posts regarding castle siege and it all is mostly from player feedback. I know Siege will change with each cycle as improvements are introduced, but having a dedicated post with information, such as the combo list would be great.

Some questions I have for now are:

- Is it possible to hold more then one castle if the required 10 members are met for each? Or only one castle per guild.
- Will future versions give rewards for taking and holding castle, also if its possible, rewards for number of castles held?
- Can a list of possible rewards be given for successful castle attacks and defends.
- I know it will probably be changing, but a list of the stamina and mana points needed to roam, attack and raid the castles would be nice.
- A list of the times for castles, such as cooldown, siege, recovery, etc.

Please take this into consideration, as it seems that castle siege participation is rather lacking due to being in the dark with the details and how it works for now.