First off this guy. As you can see did not care if I put this up. So should be ok.

Now kabam have a pretty nice poste about cheaters "banned if caught" thats awesome. I think 90% of us all can agree to guys with bots etc is making the experience worste for the rest of us.

Then how on earth can a guy who was trying to poste his guildrecruting message. But accidentally included his this is how you set up a bot to grind for you manual. But how can that guy not get a ban? He is cheating and teaching others to cheat!

I can only guess how many others he thought to cheat he is a guild master after all. But posting that and afterwards trying some excuse with I don't do it anymore. Well was still on copy past by the looks of it. But if he use it still or not do that matter when you use it to get to the top?

I removed words in the guide. Since I don't wanna spread deo's invention. But kabam how can you let guys that cheat and teaching others to cheat stay in your game?

Keep in mind that this was back when father kills was very important and our server was less than one month old.

There can be no doubt how he got a head start! What happned to "cheaters will get banned" and " no 3part software" ?