First of all I like to say that I, obviously like the game a lot and I do play a lot as well. I wouldn’t consider my self as a big time spender, but I do spend money on this game.

However, last Thursday (29.05.2014) I was playing little bit of arena, just for **** and giggles really. It wasn’t really any hardcore or focused gaming, just a few matches. I knew had a few rewards to gather but it was no problem because I had plenty of room in both my inventory and my treasury. So I went to treasury to pick up the reward and couldn’t believe my own eyes – I only had a donkey and an earth elemental there, 42 cards was missing! Easy to say I was confused as I was sure I had plenty of space there (44 cards there in total). Quickly went the notification screen to see if I had done my biggest “duh” so far, but as you can see, nothing was autosold that day.


The missing cards are:
- Sir Galahad (summon)
- Maiden exemplar x2 (min igame or summon – had one from the minigame, rest from regular summons)
- Guardian Angel (summon or arena – got two from arena and one from summon)
- Sir Kay (summon)
- Diamond knight (raid or arena – got one from raid and one from arena)
- Mist Stalker (summon)
- Jezebel (raid)
- Merlin’s dragon (summon or daily – pretty sure the missing one was from a summon)
- Highlander (mini game)
- Along with many 4 stars (2 x Guinevere which should be pretty easy to track as you buy them!)

Of Course I instantly made both a ticket and a forum post.
A few day later I actually got a reply from the support (perhaps kabam should change that “one business day” to something more relative ehh?).

But it wasn’t really the reply I was hoping for, even thought It was the expected reply.
What I received was a standard reply (which has been posted on the forum before if I’m not mistaken) and 5 stones as compensation. Easy to say I was pissed after receiving this mail. A standard reply which tells me my cards was autosold (which wasn’t the case)???? And 5 stones in exchange for the loss of 42 cards?? The guy didn’t even look into my case.

Okay okay, even thought I was pissed I had to assume that he is a busy guy and that kabam has many autosold cards cases – so I wrote him another mail telling him that my cards wasn’t autosold, they simply disappeared from my treasury and that summon stones wasn’t a solution I could accept.

First mail response:

Second mail response:


Two days later I still haven’t heard anything from the support, so I wrote them again. This time I attached a screenshot of the notification page so he could see that nothing was autosold that day.

The next day I finally got a reply (yesterday). This time I was told that there was, no signs of my cards being lost nor missing. And I was given another 10 stones as compensation.
As I know Kabam tracks all data on cards being sold, accidentally feed or what-so-ever (and this has been stated here on the forum by Aaron as well), I find it very hard to believe that he cannot track my cards. Why can he not track my missing Guinevere’s, I bought those two, they should be easy to track. And why can he not see that I have pulled a Galahad and don’t have it anymore?

Pic of a Guinevere purchase:

Statement regarding track of cards:

“Database queries. Our databases record every action taken on every card. If you summon it, find it in a mystery box, get it in the mini-game, enhance it, evolve it, sell it, or all records in our databases. Support has (recently) been instructed on how to look for these things in order to verify that cards have indeed been auto-sold or accidentally sold or accidentally evolved or whatever.”

I don’t want stones as compensation (during totem guard promo I did 109 stones and got 3 5 stars). I’m not asking for an insane compensation either, I just want my cards back ?

So please, Aaron or some else, could you please take a look at this.

And to all of you out there, be very carefully to store your good cards in the treasury, you might lose them!

Looking forward for a positive response.

Best regards


(apologize for my lack of English skills, it is not my native language)