So some people have noticed a drastic change in father malificent farming, however this seems to be affected to all bosses in general (i guess) its only been a few hours since patch, so its hard to confirm. so heres the official list of the updates notified to us by Aaron -

Version 3.0.1 is now live. Updates include:

Guild Raids:
? Guild Officers may now start Raids
? Guild Boss cooldown time reduced.

Castle Siege
? Added a Countdown Timer to Castle Siege Events
? Castle Siege Leaderboards will now rank individual players based on PVP Points
? New Castle Icons for each faction
? Castle Siege Map Improvements
? Castle Siege Stamina and Mana costs reduced
? Guild level requirement reduced from level 15 to 5

Note: Castle Siege Season 1 will start next week.

Bug Fixes:
? Castle Siege Fatal Error 101

Now, there are some other things that have changed that us players are starting to notice, but has been neglected to be listed with the changes posted above me. This is just suspicions, and some of it is what i am being told or being brought up in chat. I want others to elaborate and add their input of any changes they have notice since this patch, the purpose of this post is to bring in light the changes that was not notified, and i hope that aaron or another official can elaborate on this so we can understand the fixes made to the game. We are your customers after all, and in the end, we just want some honesty.

Heres what i have noticed first hand :

Father Malificent mana pot rate has been lowered. Some others say that the roaming bosses has been affected by this as well.

Heres a collection of changes others have noticed:

1) Raids - Summon Stones / Streak & 4* Cards have been removed (Doubtful that they are removed, but possibly been nerfed, i will test this myself when i raid to see the difference, or somebody else can elaborate any changes they see)

UPDATE - Bourguard still drops summon stones on frontal attacks, so suspicions are u can no longer get them during side attacks. (Confirmed that Side Attacks were not affected, however the drop rate of stones may have been lowered) 4* Apparently still drop, but the chances may have been lowered

2) Raids - Mana Team has been reduced by 40% (One person has claimed that when raiding, their mana consumption used to be 32, but is now 20) This is just one person, i dont have enough scrolls nor the mana pots to test myself, but i will eventually.

This is for information purposes only, more will be added once i get more info posted either in the forums, or in the game chat.