I am sorry you think how I write to you here is all in disrespect but it really is not. I hate comming here and seeing 10-20-30 people all with the same questions or problems and no one really answering them for days even weeks some times. I honestly don't write you guys here meanly to disrespect you. I do it because it pisses you or someone off and it gets an answer. I think you and the staff that I've ever dealt with (Jon to) are actually good guys. If you take my apology good but if I could suggest something to you it might calm players down because I'm seeing others starting to write nasty to you to and your right it is wrong and it's just a game.
I think if you put a locked thread at the top of general here all about the glitches bugs and stuff you know is going wrong and atleast tell us yes we know what you guys are complaining about and we are trying our best to do something about it and have the list of things Players will at least think your listening to us (I see lots in game and here think you don't). I know it's easiest to not give answers because you or who ever answers really don't know if your answer is 100% correct and if by chance it's not people even get madder at you. I'll stop my harsh ways but I will not stop letting you guys know problems that are going on in the game that a lot of people have put a lot of time and money into.
Once again your right I shouldn't raise my thought to you the way I have been but you have to atleast see our point of views here to and let us know you do see them. And to me making a thread like that will show it.