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Why you Scamming customers? No one on server got the card

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  • Why you Scamming customers? No one on server got the card

    I could start complaining about the horrible card u give with 99.99 purchase, but thats not the worst. Those promotions are a huge scam. And im not speaking only from personal experience no one on my entire server got the galahad. I have spent 400 and got nothing, have people i know that spent 200, 300, 500 and even one dude that spent 800 and didnt get it. Also dozens of people who had over 50 stones used them and didnt get it.
    We kept monitoring the chat the entire day everyone curious to know who will be the lucky one and zero.
    An entire server ! No one got it. Please dont insult our inteligence saying its bad luck. What are you seeking to acomplish with this?........ You have an awesoem game in your hands, pretty much the best me hsnics ive seen in a mobile card game, and the worst satisfaction for your money % of them all. We talked about hours in chat and 99.99% of the paying players feel they have been scamed in some way and feels frustrated.
    We want you to make money, a lot of it, so our game gets better, but please remenber that Theres two ways to make profit from a sheep. U can take his wool every year and sell or u can butcher and sell the meat only once. Please dont butcher your customers.
    Do something about it please , we want this game to grow, not die.
    Perhaps consider the magic the gathering aproach of drops as some guy sugested in his topic. Or some for of reasonable garanteed way to get the 6 stars. Take our money, but give something in return other then frustration

  • #2
    I spent $1.2k.. ****ing nothing too.. SCAM SCAM SCAM!


    • #3
      Would you be kind enough to check on your server if someone got it?


      • #4
        As long as the current system continues to be non-transparent, people will continue to cry foul, and understandably so.

        The least that could be done is to make chances of higher tier cards progressively better with each summon on a given day. A cap (say, 15 percent) could be put on each tier. Battlegrounds of Eldhelm uses a similar system.


        • #5
          I think the promo was a big fake & scam by Kabam. Look, the banner is STILL active while the promo should have ended more than 12 hours ago. One time Aaron said "the banner is still on but the message disappeared, that means the promo was still going on" for previous promo. So what's the deal this time?
          Not to mention I don't know anyone who got Galahad on my server and on the French one.

          Gaznar/Hope/Stonefist was the same deal. I know only ONE person out of 20+ who summoned at least 36 times but no one else got it. I accused Kabam of scam and release number but they never did. That person who got it spend more than 500 USD if my memory serves cor

          Aaron: You have provide numbers on how many people got Galahad and Gaznar AND drop rates for the promo. You are scamming people and that is unacceptable.
          What happened to your statement about "running some numbers" when we were talking about Shiver ****ty drop rates?


          • #6
            I have done also some summon, nothing there
            It were stones earned by arena.


            • #7
              Spending money in games like Top eleven manager, HoC and other this kind of games does not make sense. Administration of these games does not respect their customers.


              • #8
                Ok so we have confirmation that in 4 diferent servers no one got galahad in the promotion. Could you guys. Ask arounf in chat in your servers and post the results? I might be wrong but im thinking no one got the card at all.


                • #9
                  spent 99 champion summon also no galahnd but got mhor and g.a so it is a hoax is it ?
                  pls add signature to identify which realm u from ?

                  Originally posted by Gawain9 View Post
                  Ok so we have confirmation that in 4 diferent servers no one got galahad in the promotion. Could you guys. Ask arounf in chat in your servers and post the results? I might be wrong but im thinking no one got the card at all.


                  • #10
                    My name is my realm Gawain-9


                    • #11
                      Lol. Every single thing Kabam touches is bugged to hell. A simple mana limit arena was screwed up today as yet another example. Kabam has given us hundreds of examples of their inability to do things without errors. Those who have played long enough know what I am talking about.

                      Yet somehow we are supposed to trust Curtis at Kabam to his word that summons are entirely fair and honest. I call bull**** on that. The only reason we haven't caught Kabam on a huge summoning scandal is that they hide summoning information making it harder for the players to discover what errors they committed or schemes they are running. Whether it's errors in coding or misdirection by omitting pertinent information to disclose what is actually happening behind the summoning wall, something stinks about Kabam's summoning system and I'm not the only one that has stopped paying for summons due to a lack of trust.


                      • #12
                        typo is 9 champion pack. 99 card summon.. havent include my stone spent earned from arena rewards

                        Originally posted by Malice_Mizer View Post
                        spent 99 champion summon also no galahnd but got mhor and g.a so it is a hoax is it ?
                        pls add signature to identify which realm u from ?


                        • #13
                          Aaron or curtis will you coment anything please? Can u prove us wrong or its just the plain truth that no onr got galahad?


                          • #14
                            You know, you are very free with using the term "scam". Galahad is a legendary card, it's supposed to be rare even with these promotions. If they wanted everyone who does a champion summon or three to get it, they would just give it to anyone buying 7k gems... They just increased the chance so people who are specifically after him have higher chance to get him...

                            Let's say normally you have a 0.1% chance to get a legendary from a summon. Then you have some 0.025% chance to get a Galahad, presuming there's an even chance to get any summonable legendary. That means that normally the chance to get Galahad from a 100 summons is about 2.47%. From 1000 summons 22.1%.

                            Now if they doubled the chance, which is a big increase (and say, pushed the other chances to even less - 0.05% Galahad /0.0166% each other), you have 4.9% chance to get it from a 100 summons and 39.4% chance from a 1000 summons.

                            Keep in mind that I'm using purely fictional numbers that aren't really based on anything, but it should show the point - the chance is increased, but single people won't feel it - even though it's DOUBLED. Not even groups of people if you ask in the chat. But overally, the amount summoned should be doubled anyway. And keep in mind that angry people are always much more vocal than content people. While people that feel cheated will shout out accusations on the forum, people who get lucky and get him have no reason to even come here...


                            • #15
                              Did you bother reading the post? No one got the card on 4 diferent servers.We are not talking about individuals, or froups of 20 people . We are talking about entire servers.
                              If thats not a scam to you, i wonder what is?
                              Of course you have the right to your own opinion, but unless you are somehow afiliated to kabam or you for some reason want this game to die, If you find this even remotely honest, you arent being rational.
                              If you dont feel cheated by this Either u are a non payer ( in wich case you dont really have a insider point of view in this ) or you are extremely wealthy and want comon people to have horrible decks so you can win trough moneypower.
                              Regardless of the fictional numbers you posted ( which i wish were true , in wich case my server would have gotten at least 2 or 3 cards) , if this game has any goal of growing, it needs to care about individuals experiences aswell.
                              In my server alone, the amount of summons made were way more then 5000. I talked to at least 8 players in my server who sumoned 100+ and dozens who made 50 or more. If you go buy this topic alone Theres a dude in this post that made more then 400 sumons i made around 250 myself, another one made 99 .
                              Have you played other online card games? Tekken tournament, star wars force collection, order and chaos, just to name a few , have sumoning system at least remotely fair to the user.
                              If you think of it, not even mobage games, wich most people tend to avoid cause of how cruel they are, even their games are more rewarding then this one.
                              I have played them all and spent alot in those games, and honestly this game has the best mechanics in all of them. But unless they do something about the summons asap, people wil start closing their wallets, and i believe we all know what happen to games that dont make money.