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Developer Q&A - v2 and stuff

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  • SlightlyJaded95
    Nice to see things happening. Any chace of a time frame?

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  • Otovyoto
    Will tickets be answered in a reasonable fashion? Waiting over a month for a ticket to be resolved.

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  • Curtis_Kabam
    --== CHAT ==--
    * Create disable chat option. Chat is distracting and the conversations are often juvenile and/or vulgar.
    A new version of chat is in development

    --== PARTY/TREASURY ==--
    * 100/100, or more, rather than 80/100
    * More robust sort option. (e.g. sorted by Clan, *then* by Atk. Or x stars only. etc.)
    * Treasury warning message when nearly full.
    * Treasury does not delete old cards when full.
    A new version of treasury is in development which improves all the bad design choices with the current one.

    --== DECKS ==--
    * Multiple, saved decks to eliminate frequent swapping. (e.g. farming deck, camelot deck, druid deck)
    The new version will allow you to save a team and name it. You can then quick select where applicable.

    --== ARENA ==--
    * Require three *full* teams. Eliminates single team combo/exploit/bug.
    * Create "Star Arenas." x stars and less, x stars and above. Will add variety and new challenges. Design rewards to balance participant power levels. (e.g. 2 star and less arena rewards 3 star cards at best, so newer players can fight amongst themselves while veteran players compete elsewhere)
    We've thought about requiring 3 full teams as a restriction option. Definitely noted.

    --== HELP ==--
    * Correct spelling errerrs.
    * Move tab to main screen so new players can find it.
    * Expand, expand, expand. (e.g. include an Evolution guide with various methods such as speed, speed enhanced, perfect, etc.). I'd be happy to write the copy in exchange for some stones.
    There is a new re-design of the main menu in development. We'll consider putting it more front facing per your feedback. The help section is definitely lacking and any help is much appreciated

    --== THE ART! THE AWESOME ART! ==--
    * I really enjoy the art and it's half the reason that I'm still playing! Can you publish a collection of card images online? Or provide it to some dedicated player (winkwink) so he can start a wiki? Can you tell us who the artist is so we can find his other work?
    We'll look into releasing a fan pack of some sort.

    --== GAME DATA ==--
    * Option to save to SD card on Android phones. Currently saves to internal memory only, so I have to clear data and log in again every other day.
    My engineer says that this option is already available but it depends on your Android o/s version. Should be 2.3 and higher.

    More to come...

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  • Curtis_Kabam
    Nice to see things happening. Any chace of a time frame?
    v2 is scheduled for release mid next week.

    Will u guys change the boss on 96% city 5?
    Considering that after city 5 there are no more cities (at the moment), the difficulty curve will not change anytime soon. There are quite a few people who have managed to complete city 5.

    Will the droprate for gem summonings percentage change in version 2.0?
    The base percentage will not change for v2.

    Can we summon Cards like Paladin, Gaznar?
    Currently, these cards are only offered through events and promotions.

    Some Arena's need 5000 or even 10.000 might. Will there more fair oppertunities for Free Players to gain Tickets to play those Arenas? (I am Pay-Player, just asking.)
    We are currently exploring other ways to obtain Arena tickets. There are some great ideas that have floated around in this thread. We'll consider all ideas and evaluate the impact on the game's health and integrity.

    Is it possible to annouce Arena's 1 to 2 days before they start? (Maybe in forums)
    The new Arena update in v2 will do a much better job at communicating upcoming Arenas. We will look into scheduling them sooner.

    Bug Fixes and Changes. Is it planned to annouce those changes maybe before or right after they happend? (i. e. yesterday the Team Bonus Calculation have been fixed, without any offical notice. Shaman and other card have been changed without notice.)
    HoC supports multiple languages. When there is an urgent issue, getting it all prepped for all regions may not be as quick as we would currently like. Going forward, we can definitely get the message out to languages available to us at that moment. For less urgent issues, we will be more specific in what is changing.

    Will guilds do anything except guild battles? Maybe guild chat, enhancements to stamina and mana recharge rates maybe.
    Guild chat and scrimmage will be available in v2. along with Guild boss raids. We'll take it one feature at a time and keep building from there. Enhancements to stamina and mana is an interesting idea to consider. We do have some big plans for taking guilds further in a future update. I'll post updates about it as we get closer.

    Will we be able to use our stockpiles of gold as anything but pretty paperweights?
    This is definitely one of the more popular questions in this thread. We've been exploring various ideas internally, like increasing enhance/evolve costs and future features like crafting etc. Some folks have brought up purchasing Arena tickets with gold. This is a good at idea at a glance. We'll look into how this could effect Arenas.

    Will anything be done about the players using bots to farm for tickets and ruining the prizes for arena?
    We currently suspend/ban players caught scripting and botting. Three is a continuous effort in stopping this behavior to improve the overall experience.

    Will something be done with regard to other cards that seem unbalanced? Carrad the Gale, for instance, seems underpowered for a 5 star card.
    Once we've worked out Shiverheart, we'll begin to re-evaluate our other existing cards.

    Will drop rates, or at least the pool of cards available for summon, be published? Also, I would not mind paying extra for another level of summon that grants a 4 star or higher card. Chances to summon better cards could be made progressively higher with each summon (e.g., the system in Battlegrounds of Eldhelm)?
    At the moment, we have no plans to publish the summon rates. We do however want to improve the summon experience. All the comments in this thread have given us a lot to think about. Thanks!

    Will there be an easy to access in-game library of cards/combos?
    In a future update, we will have a collection within HoC where you can view cards, skills and combos.

    Any chance of an offline mode?
    We considered this early on but the framework for the game was not designed this way. We may reconsider at a later time.

    Trade: is it ever gonna happen or we can RIP it?
    We have a plan to add trade or auctions of some form but there is a lot to consider. I saw someone post a link in this thread as a proposal. We want to make sure it can't be exploitable.

    - Will the new dungeon have the same wall as Ice Cave or City 5? (So we are not going to waste our pots to rush it and then be disappointed/enraged)
    The new dungeon will require mana to fight a boss. There are 4 difficulty selections prior to fighting the boss. This allows all members to have a fair chance at "doing their part". This is not an uphill battle to completing as many stages as possible, this is a contribution effort by your entire guild to eliminate one boss.

    - About your proposed Shiver nerf: Do you acknowledge that, this way, Gaznar WILL BE STRONGER than Shiver?? My propositions to nerf Shiver without reducing it to a mere shadow of Gaznar are:
    - Nerf proc rate (i see you are going to do this, this is fair)
    - Leave its skill affecting whole party and not a single team
    - Reduce by 50% the debuff effect it has on enemy's attack
    - Reduce the skill's dmg by 20%
    - Add a "2_cards_combo" to partially balance this
    As with all feedback about the Shiverheart nerf, this gives us a better idea on the final outcome.

    When will you rise the level of hero? 80 is to low i think.
    With a new city expansion.

    Ok. Can we PLEASE have access to an ignore feature in chat?!?! That is most definitely something from your other games that is sadly lacking here.
    YES! We will schedule it. Thanks for the feedback.

    Curtis. Might i suggest you listen into in game chat. At least on my server the discussion is pretty lively. You'll get a lot more feedback on shiver
    We do! What server are you on? My server appears to always talk about movies and cosplay...

    -promotions: nice promotions are those with cards in addition to packs, if you just add a couple of stones it's completely useless
    Thanks, i'll relay this back to the live team.

    How about some new skills? Some suggestions....
    A deproc skill. Reducing the chance of the oponent's kills activating.
    A team stun.. Not the entire group, just the team it hits.
    The ability to res another team with minimal hp.
    We have some new skills in the works. I'll let our game designers know about your suggestions! Thanks,

    what about defining a "card value" to be used as a restriction?
    card value may be the result of many factors such as:
    -card stard and/or mana cost
    -tier of evolution and / or card level
    -overall stats

    restricted arenas should not only give some chances to low level player / new players / free players but it will be quite interesting for everyone playing with ALL cards and mixing them togheter in new ways
    We actually have the ability to restrict Arenas in many various ways. I'll let our live team know and we'll try out some new requirements.

    is there any chance to replace the mana / stamina point with a new item or anything?
    I can't get all my best cards in the team, and I'm sure there are millions of people who has same problem with me.
    no new update for this issue?
    We have a stat reset item that will be released in the future.

    Has there ever been any discussions of maybe showing the probability of victory before a battle in arena. There's nothing worst than that random inexplicable loss when you were certain it was safe to press battle.
    We had considered this in early development but ended up going with the "easy, medium, hard' tag. We can revisit this option.

    1: Summons. We know you like making money, and are willing to pay. But they are terrible odds and a lot of your players play magic te gathering and other card games, so why don't you model packs based on that? For instance. Pack contains 11-12 cards. 9 3* 2 4* 1 5-6 star. 6 star drops 1 in 8 packs just like mtg mythic rare. Make it cost 30 bucks. No problem I'll pay for that.
    Like other summon feedback, your comments are much appreciated. We will look at all options.

    2: card organizing. Make something decent. I love my cards and collect them. I can't even organize by card NAME. seriously, how is that not an option sir? Make it one. Everyone loves your art and cards, let us gaze upon them with pride.
    This is coming in an update soon. Along with deck save! We feel your pain...

    3: I feel like at any moment this game will cease to exist and you will walk with my money. You make wonderful product why don't you take care of your clients? Pay attention and don't act like a cable provider. Give us what we want and we will continue to pay, clearly we are willing too.
    No disagreement here. We will work towards improving our game and service to our HoC players.

    4: give me a job on your design team. I have made games like this since I was 8 with Legos and making my own cards. I'm awesome. Kind of joking.

    -Please rotate login rewards, keeping the same over and over will highly "depreciate"them, in a copule of monthhs summoning a five star card ( merlin) will make people upset instead of happy. Imho best solution wil be random rewards
    Thanks for the feedback! We'll look into making it more dynamic.

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  • Curtis_Kabam
    7. Miscellaneous Updates
    • Chat
      App Icon
      In progress...

    *Notes coming soon!

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  • Curtis_Kabam
    6. Parallax Cards Update

    *Notes coming soon!

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  • Curtis_Kabam
    5. Arena Updates

    *Notes coming soon!

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  • Curtis_Kabam
    4. Mail Updates

    *Notes coming soon!

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  • Curtis_Kabam
    3. World Map Updates

    *Notes coming soon!

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  • Curtis_Kabam
    2. Ragnall's Cove (Guild Boss Raid)
    "Written in the scrolls of Ragnall, there lies a menacing presence that threatens all of Britain. Recover the scrolls through your quests and discover what treasures lie behind these evil monsters."

    *Notes coming soon!

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  • Curtis_Kabam
    And now for v2.0 information!

    1. Guilds
    The initial release of guilds will include the following:
    • Join/Create
      - You must be level 15 and have 10,000 gold to create a guild.
      - Set join permissions (any, invite only, approval).
    • Custom Crest
      - Create a custom crest to represent your guild.
    • Guild Announcements
      - The guild leader can post a message to the guild.
    • Guild Feed
      - View guild activity.
      - See cards found from your guild members.
    • Members List
      - Max members starts at 30, increases up to 50 with accumulated might.
      - See all members and last login information.
      - Promote and demote with custom member titles.
    • Member Scrimmage
      - Have the ability to test your deck against other members (does not cost mana).
    • Guild Leaderboard
      - View daily, weekly and total might gained for each guild.
      - View guild profiles.
    • Guild Options
      - Adjust guild join type.
      - Customize member titles.
      - Update guild description.
      - Disband the guild (takes 7 days to complete, can be canceled or assigned to another member).
    • Guild Chat
      - Chat with your guild members

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  • 121398
    Guest started a topic Developer Q&A - v2 and stuff

    Developer Q&A - v2 and stuff

    Hello fellow Heroes of Camelot players!

    Allow me to introduce myself I am the Executive Producer for Heroes of Camelot and I wanted to take this opportunity to connect with the players who play HoC! I'm hoping that I can help answer questions and provide more information directly and better understand the community needs.

    Now that the introductions are out of the way- Please let me know what your questions, comments and/or suggestions are and I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner.

    But first, let me get to the more crucial questions floating around in the forums.

    1. What will happen with the Shiverheart card? And how will those who unfairly did not receive another Shiverheart due to an error in the game be compensated?
    • Shiverheart will be adjusted to the following:
      - Proc rate reduced (still higher than the average 6*).
      - Skill changed to effect only 1 team (previously effected the entire party).
      - Changes expected to be applied on 1/19.
    • Shiverheart Compensation
      - This week the team will do a validation check for who qualifies to receive (1) Shiverheart.
      - More information will be provided in the following days.

    2. What is being done about the Arena issues (i.e. scripters, bots)?
    • Rest assured that we are doing what we can to contain the issue in the background. As always, please continue to report and suspicious activity and our team will respond as soon as possible. Other measures are currently being put in place to combat scripters/bots that are best not openly discussed

    3. Are you still split testing? What was it for?
    • No! I want to make it clear that we stopped split testing in early October of last year. Split testing was integral for us in understanding our players so that we could make improvements during the early stages of the game. Those affected during that time period were appropriately adjusted to match the final design.

    4. Are my summoning chances different than another person?
    • No, you have the exact same chance as everyone else per the type of summon you choose. Summon stone chance is the exact same chance as playing a single summon with gems.

    I obviously did not cover all the issues but please feel free to contribute to the discussion.