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Developer Q&A - v2 and stuff

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  • Noob_5NBT7CM
    some other stuff that you might want to consider..

    1. Fix the chat bug.. The crappiest in-game chat i have ever seen..

    2. Either remove the gold completely or make some use for it.. 10k to make a guild? What about people who have millions?

    3. Maybe you can give better treatment for big spenders.. To be honest, i don't think i will be buying anymore gems.. Why? Because i dont see that spending $99.99 is worth it for 10 3-stars cards for each champion summon.. Thats $33.33 worth of 11 feeders.. I got that way too many times..The last time i bought crystals was when Gaznar was up for the last time and i didn't see a single one with $99.99, and you stated 'greatly increased chance' of getting it.. You can check for yourself how much i have spent, and i can say that i should be the top 10 spender in the game.. You have my email, you can check my in-game profile.. Check my spendings..

    4. The game is way too linear.. The PVP battle is so boring when you meet the same few people as you go up the ladder..

    5. Maybe you want to try and play Hero's Dream and see how they reward their big spenders.. Thats the right way of treating big spenders and non-spender.. If everyone have the same chance and treated equally then i'll play this leisurely, no more buying of gems.. $33.33 worth of 11 feeders, i would rather buy something else..

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  • Lavep
    - any plans to add random card drops? And I am not talking about 1-2* cards. why don't you add probability to receive random 3-4-5 card drop while fighting boss and exloring. Chance of getting 5* card from exploring one of the cities should be slim, BUT they must exist

    -plans to add farming zones with high chance of 1-2* feeders drop? I am even ready to buy ticket to access such zone. Will save me hours of meaningless farming

    -plans to remove gold from boss drops? Why do we need them give us more gold?

    -plans to remove gold from arena rewards? Last thing I need after spending money on ticket is getting another pile of useless crap

    -IMHO cost of summoning 1-2* feeders with charms is too high. 200 charms for 1* card? I farm it in a minute in first city why do you charge me 200 charms which may take me whole stamina charge to gather? 20 charms is more reasonable

    -Gold for stuff!!! Let us buy feeders, and other stuff with gold.


    -inventory increase. Treasury increase. Ability to move cards between inventory and chest

    -level cap. Need to be lifted. And 100 is not enough. Do it 150-200 at least (better more). If you concerned about mana without level cap make cost of 1 mana point 2-3 skill points. Leave stamina point cheap if somebody wants to have 500 stamina gauge

    -new arenas based on hp/attack or card stars and tiers

    -ability to reset boss level to 2 without waiting 2-5 days (charge for it). There are some sturdy boses that never drop card for me. Black Knight is good example. First 2 copies of him I got after hitting lvl80. Father M dropped 2 times, can't get more

    -improve summoning oddsm or better add packs with certain number of high level cards. I am tired of spending real money on 3* feeders

    -more ways to earn tickets. Before players hit lvl80 and while exploring cities they get few ticket here and thre. After lvl80 and opening all cities, that's just farming, 3 ticket a day login reward and tickets you buy with real money

    -why not to reset cities every week-two? so we'll get regular rewards every once in a while by exploring them again and again (including level rewards, which better be random than predifined set of cards and potions)

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  • Paladin Angel
    HI Kabam,

    I'm happy to see more features in the 2.0 updates. Most of the ideas recommended by players in this forum are worth for considerations and implementation.

    I have only one comment on SHIVERHEART issue. Have you ever considered the group of players that paid their money, spent their time and resources to secure Shiverheart from the Ice Cave (and mini chest as well)? Not just that, feeding also another big efforts by them......

    If we know that Shiverheart will be "given" freely as Christmas gift AND EVENTUALLY NERFED from party damages to team damages, we won't be spending so much efforts in the Ice Cave in the first place. This is unfair for the group of the people and what you gonna do with this? I'm personally welcomes the reduced proc rate for Shiverheart for a more balanced game play but NOT the nerf of the party damages to team damages. Shieverheart is a legendary card and supposed to be strong. Sorry to comment that it is Kabam's mistake to send him out freely and created this problem. Or else, minor group that owned T4 Shiverheart wont be affecting the arena game like now.

    If Kabam eventually decided to nerf from party damages to team damages, i think the group of people deserved for a refund or equivalent compensation. Please do not entertain the group like just giving free summon stones as we know that 95% (or even more) of summon stones will bring them 3* feeders.....

    For ShiverHURT, it is like you are selling a car for a price at 2.0 liter, and after the deal, you inform the buyer that the car is actually equipped with engine capacity of 1.8 liter.....what a deal !


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  • AtomicDoom
    All I see are a lot of I wants and do this and fix that but no answers except Aaron (like always). I think I saw one question answered by a dev. What really needs to happen in this is proper communication like we were told would happen. Then I might start asking things that I might get an answer from a dev instead of Aaron.

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  • majesticoverlord
    Will inventory space be increased in V2?

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  • Noob_5M25N5V
    Angel card

    What about the Angel card that was promised in the promotion?

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  • Lavep
    Originally posted by Tion84 View Post
    -Deck saved configurations (farm, arena 1, arena 2...)
    another great idea. My fingers are sore from switching between farm and arena decks.

    Besides, with just one deck, if I'd like to allow others get more might (assuming i made it to the top), I can't switch my arena team to less buffed one if I'd like to play another arena )

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  • Lavep
    Originally posted by Jskar Starkiller View Post
    Hey there Curtis. I enjoy that you are mingling with the peasants and seeing where your paycheck comes from.
    Haha jokes aside I have a couple ideas and a little feedback. I love your game and think it's wonderful. I have enjoyed playing it almost completely and you guys really know how to create and push a product that people can sink their teeth into. But the drawbacks to your business plan I see are

    1: Summons. We know you like making money, and are willing to pay. But they are terrible odds and a lot of your players play magic te gathering and other card games, so why don't you model packs based on that? For instance. Pack contains 11-12 cards. 9 3* 2 4* 1 5-6 star. 6 star drops 1 in 8 packs just like mtg mythic rare. Make it cost 30 bucks. No problem I'll pay for that.

    2: card organizing. Make something decent. I love my cards and collect them. I can't even organize by card NAME. seriously, how is that not an option sir? Make it one. Everyone loves your art and cards, let us gaze upon them with pride.

    3: I feel like at any moment this game will cease to exist and you will walk with my money. You make wonderful product why don't you take care of your clients? Pay attention and don't act like a cable provider. Give us what we want and we will continue to pay, clearly we are willing too.

    4: give me a job on your design team. I have made games like this since I was 8 with Legos and making my own cards. I'm awesome. Kind of joking.

    Either way, I love your and and will pay, but at least make it feel like I can get something. And come out with new cards, we will keep buying them!
    +100 to all points.
    Idea of packs is awesome. and fair. I am ready to buy packs if I know I'll get for sure 1 5* and 2 4*. I don't want to gamble and after I spend 100-200 dollars find myself with lots of very expensive 3* feeders. Personally I'd prefer to farm my feeders or buy them with useless otherwise gold

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  • Lavep
    Originally posted by Tion84
    and last a question: why did i get always the same cards? it's against probability! 4 copies of water elem, 4 copies of shaman, 3 copies of archmage (always the same and always the "most common")
    That's exactly what I tried to explain support representatives repeatedly when they copy paste same paragraph about " nice balance" of summoning system

    Devs please answer, How FAIR summoning system ALWAYS bring same cards again and again. How it's possible after 68 sumons to have 7-8 copies of boars, horses, ice mages and NEVER receive even ONE 5* card? What kind of fair probability rates allow you to summon SAME card 7 times in a row?

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  • d_i_a_b_l_o

    ? have a some ?dea ? dont know ?s ?t poss?ble ?m wr?t?ng shortly ?m wa?t?ng ur answer only one note we are llov?ng th?s game and we want most better game

    1-can we take 2 */3* card or pot w?th gold
    2-everyone do?ng farm but ?ts a some problem when u f?n?shed farm maybe u take 5/6 card but ?f we change the drop rat?ng system exp u start?ng farm but d?ffrent drop chance ?f u contune farm?ng cards drop ra?t?ng ra?s?ng
    3 same problem for the boss k?ll for exp f?st willage last boos u started k?ll?ng card/pot drop ra?t?ng %0,1 but ?f u contunue k?ll?ng drop rat?ng ra?s?ng %1..... %1,5........%2,0 ?f u contune k?ll?ng drop ra?t?ng ra?s?ng
    4 somm?n?ng stone 5 & 6 drop ra?t?ng must be ra?s?ng

    ty for read?ng and sory my bad engl?sh

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  • WoYLB
    Ok, so you are nerfing Shiverheart. Did it ever occur to Kabam/Curtis/Aaron that the reason people perceive Shiverheart is overpowered is because sooooo mannnnnyyy people have him? Wasnt it an error on your team that distributed him once/twice by accident?

    If you agree, then surely you agree that if Shiverheart wasn't handed out like candy, the number of people who have access to the card would be astronomically lower. This trickles down to lower tier of Shiverhart, a lower effect in arena, and an overall lower effect to the game.

    Despite all that, what you deemed fair is to hand him out EVEN more so that everyone receives two. Those are YOUR choices. So how do we arrive to where you have to nerf him and ultimately remove his usefulness? It seems to me that your team is incapable of fixing a problem and just end up creating more. Please prove me wrong.

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  • LordofCrows
    My suggestions for improvement

    Looking forward to v.2 and seeing the new features. I've enjoyed the game since it's debut and it's my most played iOS game since. Anyway to business. Some suggestions:

    Ability to organise your deck would help greatly. I'm forever swapping mana team, arena team, boss farm team etc. I'd like to construct and save my teams and have a quick switch button if possible. Since majority of game time is spent farming for feeders then team switching is huge benefit!

    On screen inventory. Would help to see my card total and mana pots I have during farming! Find a spot (under gems perhaps) with your current card total and pots available. Saves time so I don't have to keep going to upgrade/inventory all the time to check.

    Increase the card storage. 80 isn't enough! Plus a gallery of cards to view. Artwork is main reason I started playing so would be cool to see collection in an easier format.

    Other issues such as no single player game beyond Vam, limited chance of glory in arena due to the big spenders, summon odds sucking hard have been covered in previous posts!

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  • Nexumus
    1. Shiver deserves a significant nerf. It stopped being a legitimate legendary when two were given away for free (part of the deal with legends is just they are strong, but their rareness, especially at higher T3/T4 levels helps balance). For those complaining they spent a lot to get it two points (i) many many players spent a lot to try to get it, random Kabam luck picked a few lucky winners and (ii) the two free shivers provide a much much more powerful card than anyone earned on their own and is already compensation (the fact that they are enjoying a much more powerful card then they earned is often completely ignored in their complaints). I agree taking away the two free shivers was the better solution, but we are too far gone for that it seems.
    2. Regardless of the two free shivers, the insane proc rate and whole party gets killed and can't even attack back because of the attck reduction is way overpowered in and of itself. A significant nerf is needed just because shiver is way too OP. This one card (with the power of two freely given ones) has drastically upset the balance of all arenas more so than any other card and has turned arenas into a game of who's Shiver procs first and who's shiver procs repeatedly until your party is dead. Precedent has already been set as other cards have been previously nerfed by kabam even without a mess up like two free shivers.

    To more general issues:
    3. Communication is poor all around on many different fronts. Is there a plan to communicate better with players? From poorly timed banners, to unannounced switches of free cards on gem packs, to proposed resolution or timing of resution of many many significant issues , poor communication is a perservasive complaint by players. It seems good communication is only thought of as an after though when complaints are received rather than a built in part of the process.
    4. There seems to be two relatively new game philosophies with Kabam since December. First there have been very frequent gem promotions when there were none before. Is this going to be a general pricing strategy of HoC going forward or will go back to very few promotions? What is the reason for the change?

    5. Additionally it seems that Kabam has generally increased the availability of certain 4 and 5 star cards through might and rank arenas that are designed to make them much more easy to obtain (increase in frequency, tix return, larger pool of rank winners, better cards provided overall for might rewards.) Certain cards are hit repeatedly (for 5 star think Merlin, benu, azarel). What is the philosophy behind the change? Will it continue and will other cards cycle through the might/rank rotation?
    6. There seems to be a dearth of quality control. Many new changes almost immediately incur new errors, errors that should reasonably be detectable with a bit of testing beforehand.
    7. An often cited issue I hear amongst spenders is a lack of stability in the game. There should be reasonable power creep to incentivize players to continue to pay and to give new players a chance to spend to catch up with more established players. That's reasonable and expected (I'm looking right at the new class of cards you mentioned). However many players have been disincentivised from continuing to pay because Kabam has failed to provide reasonable stability in power balance combined with an unreasonable summon rate. Players both need to feel that (a) summoning will provide a reasonable chance of getting stronger (now one guy spends $1,000 and gets nothing and the next guy uses 60 summoning stones earned in arena and gets nothing, and one guy uses the single stone he earned and gets a 6 star)(another example is two guys spend $500 each, one guy gets nothing and the next gets 2 six stars and 3 five stars--there should be a greater relationship between spend (including using free stones) and 6 and 5 star cards which are the only ones that really matter after a bit of spending or time spent) and (b) advantages earned by paying, spending months grinding, or playing arenas smartly won't be blown away in an instance by Kabam errors or decisions (shiver issue here, but other examples abound like why pay for summons when the most likely good card you can get is a random 4 star joined by his horde of 3 star buddies and while 5 stars are much more easily and reliably gotten in arenas). Now, you will say that spending more increase your chances, but odds are so low that it's like saying buying another lottery ticket increases your chances.
    8. You guys are aces on artwork and pretty user interface wraps. However new content seems lacking. For example, new stuff seems like mini game recycled thrice (Halloween chest, pumpkin patch, ice chest), ice dungeon ( really a rehash of city 5, seems like same code was recycled with some new artwork, even the vambreal wall was exactly the same), some new cards (but again here most coding recycled except for new skills and only new work is artwork and balancing stats and skills), and error fixing (which admittedly is a lot). I'm hoping that there is lot of effort hidden in this version 2 update, else it looks like there is very little substance for the amount of time that has passed. For constructive criticism I would put more effort in providing genuinely new content and less in new pretty art (for example Halloween and ice dungeon home screen art changes were nice to look at for a day, but more new content like an actual mini game that gave you something to do, practice arenas, chat ignore button, new deck handling tools like saved decks or sort or protection from accidentally feeding your important cards would have been much more appreciated and enjoyed for longer).

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  • zugzwang77
    I think all these changes are great for the game. Shiver should have always been a 5* card anyway, like the other random boss drops. The skills power should have reflected the rarity of the card. Let's face it, there are probably more shivers out there than sun mages. Based on that fact alone, shiver should be rated a 4* card. But I think the devs came to a nice compromise, keep it at 6* stats and give it a skill based on its rarity. This is fair and good for game balance.

    As for the people who put money into their shivers, I think the only people who should get some sort of compensation are the players who played the chest game. The lab would have played out the same even if shiver had the new stats. As for enhancing, you would have done it anyway. The chest game is different tho. There were definitely some risk vs reward decisions in buying into the chest game. Kabam should refund gems to all players that played the chest game during the shiver promo.

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  • Cavadinha
    Some interesting topics wich worth attention.

    1. Make more use of GOLD.
    It would be really nice if we could buy potions, tickets or even summon stones with our gold.
    Some balanced values (based on gem price): 50~120k gold = 1 potion, 10~40k each ticket, 150~360k bonus / summon stones.

    I dont even care about buying summon stones, but we sould be able to buy bonus without gems.

    2. Save decks (farm, deck camelot, deck arena)

    3. Move cards to treasure chest / at least increase cards at hand to 100

    4. Drop tickets exploring
    I mostly farm to get tickets to be able to get something good from the arenas instead of staying in the mid of mighty rewards.

    5. Improve the card drop from cities, we have 5 cities of 1* and 2* cards.. with one spot to a 3* card, come on, put more 3* around, make it harder to drop.

    6. In-Game Library
    List of Cards, Combos.

    7. Transparency of promotional events.
    Kabam often announces "greately increased chances of summon...", how this works, how much is this increase?

    7.a. How it works.
    Great chance of increase summon of Reaper.
    It works like this: when summon, if you get the lucky to summon a 5* then we have a X% of summon the Reaper.
    Its just X% solid to summon it.

    And of course how much X% it increase.

    And of course, nerf shiver. I have a T3 and its insane... I win better decks than mine, i just need one or two pops up from him, we cant rely on one card to win battles, this sucks.

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