Hey Aaron, I was glad I at least got a reply from you in my last forum post. Since I've contacted you 4 times in game and 1 time in forums about the same thing and you haven't gotten time to reply then I figured I would just do another post. I understand you must get tons of messages daily and are constantly busy. But I was wondering if you could grant me a stat reset? I put too many points in stamina while climbing to lvl 80, but once I hit 80 I started getting better cards. The problem is I can't use all my good cards in my deck due to having a low amount of Mana... I've spent a good amount of money in the game and I think it's a fair request. Please help me out?

Also the other request I had been contacting you about was that I had bought gems in my original account but I wound up abandoning it and making a new one which is the one I'm using. I was wondering if it would be possible to transfer that amount of gems from the abandoned account to the active account? I can provide you with all the information to prove I own both accounts. I just really messed up my first one by sacrificing rare cards and evolving cards without taking them to max level. Once I learned of my mistakes I decided to abandon the account and start from scratch. Please help me out.