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Discuss deck setups?

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  • Discuss deck setups?

    After some time playing, you might have aquired a few decent/good/great cards. These are (quite literally) the hand you have to play. But how would one play it in order to make the best out of it? Here's where the strategy comes along and I figured we could discuss this in order to improve our decks. It's not all about sharing your deck and all your strategies (since that could limit your competitive power) but please share some of your thoughts on the matter, maybe?

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    For a long time, I used the following setup:

    Team 1: Necros the Grim, Father Maleficent, Psycho Butterfly and Doomweaver.

    Team 2: Taal, Guardian Angel, Archmage and Guinevere.

    Team 3: Battlemage, Duelist, Water Elemental and Earth Elemental.

    (I've taken these screen shots just recently, so the figures won't add upp exactly the same as I've enhanced some of these cards since I used this setup)

    This worked quite well for me for a long time. Main strategy here is the spread out of the tanking capabilities, essentially building a deck towards split offense/defence.

    Team 1 soaked up damage trough Necros and Father Maleficent's skills ('Soul Rip' & 'Shield of Shadows') as well as their combo "Cultists" which gives a chance of revival with 50% HP upon defeat. Psycho Butterfly and Doomweaver also forms a combo, "Giant Insects" which is a passive skill that reduces damage by 40%. Now adding these factors together, you get a pretty decent tanking team to take on the heat with a chance of revival.

    Team 2 was the attack ship of my little fleet that also focused on regeneration. Taal, Guardian Angel and Guinevere all have healing skills. This team also possessed the highest ATK and HP, which was a part of the strategy. This meant that all skills focused on "attack team with highest ATK or HP" would strike Team 2 instead of Team 1. While Team 2 diverted some of the damage onto itself, it had a great chance of recovering HP at the same time. With this, I also would not risk losing Archmage early on, rendering his 'Arcane Lightning' skill inept.

    Team 3 was a mere damage team set up with the best cards I had available. Water Elemental could restore HP trough 'Hydrate' which came in handy at times as well as Earth Elemental's 'Living Terrain' which reduces ATK of enemy team. Battlemage's 'Fireball' attacks and lowers enemy ATK. It all concluded into a "sniper team", always focusing on not making it have the highest HP or ATK. Also, not the lowest of those as some skills target that as well.

    The core of this team is what I still use but I've gotten new cards and I have not decided on my new setup. I like the core idea of this deck but I'm stuck in a place where I have to sacrifice combos in order to add much greater (potential) war power, without knowing what would serve me best in the end.


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      My team is much weaker than grey's but more adaptable by general public. Still pretty new to the game so haven't really max enhance/evolve most of the cards.

      Team 2 can be completely replaced by 1*/2* cards key skills being Skill heal leader or heal highest hp.

      Tal, Archmage, Dark Knight, Dire Wolf
      Hp + Atk team. Self heal + damage spells

      Gryphon, Squire, Apprentice, Druid Initiate
      Noobs +5% Spell Proc passive
      Healing team

      Bard, Battlemage, Druid Marksman, Druid warrior
      Gifted and talented +15% spell proc passive
      Druid warriors +20% damage passive
      Healing team with some damage and debuff


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        Yay, nice to see more decks! I guess the Dark Knight evolved to a 4* when he reached tier 4?
        And the eagle, would love that one since it forms the combo with the Celestial Lion (if I am not mistaken?)


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          Well I go Tank - semitank - damage on my deck

          Diamond Knight Set for first Party
          Galzra Set (galzra-merlin and ben-nu)
          Elemental Set

          seems to work fine... Might try to work on Galzra Set since it's damage isn't so good and is usually killed really fast, and the -80% hp of enemy party doesn't proc lol... out of like 50+ chances to proc I've only seen it proc once lol


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            Nice deck Jelesey! How does the Elemental set hold up? I am missing Caradd the Gale to have it completed and I have been thinking about getting the '7000 pack'. Would love to get some input if you have any to share


            • #7
              it rocks lol... great damage... gonna work on getting tier 3 for them


              • #8
                It sounds promising! Are yours tier 2 now? Were they max enhanced before you evolved them?
                Perhaps I can get an estimate on the Elemental team's HP and ATK?


                • #9
                  I've been using a heal/semitank - damage - tank set up. Seems to work alright. Although most of their damage is about even, with skills it works out.

                  For a while I used taal, guardian angel, father M, and a cleric. But broke down and bought a some cards. Although random skill proc is annoying when your healer doesn't heal at 10 HP, the setting up of the teams to fire the skills you want to fire is kinda cool.


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                    Originally posted by Greyhart View Post
                    After some time playing, you might have aquired a few decent/good/great cards. These are (quite literally) the hand you have to play. But how would one play it in order to make the best out of it? Here's where the strategy comes along and I figured we could discuss this in order to improve our decks. It's not all about sharing your deck and all your strategies (since that could limit your competitive power) but please share some of your thoughts on the matter, maybe?
                    I would paste a pic of my deck but I'm having trouble doing it on my phone. It won't let me paste it.

                    Anyways my first deck is super tanky, as everyone's should be, allowing for maximum damage opportunity. The second is the heavy damage dealer. The third is healing.

                    1st deck is Beastmaster, Guardian Angel, Primal Warrior, and Alpha Stag. Passive bonuses of 100% HP and 20% damage reduction.

                    2nd deck is Archmage, Battle Mage, Bard, Fenric. This is a great match because the 15% skill proc allows Archmage and Battle Mage to go off consistently, Bard heals the tank, and Fenrics Rend is amazing for that timely heal.

                    3rd deck is Duelist, Guenivere, Water Elemental, and Gryphon.

                    This deck could use work, but it's good for consistent healing between gryphon and Gwen, and Duelist can randomly dish out damage as well.

                    I had the opportunity of making a run in the angel arena, getting up to rank 17 and getting demolished by some of the ridiculous decks of IRON MAN, MR MARbOro man. E7. Bucky. Yuri, and many others. The best ones all had the elemental combo with all tier 4, and let me tell you, it was absurd damage, around 57k. Although I feel Caradd's tempest damage isn't as great as I thought it would be, I think Storm caller is just as much, although Caradd consistently uses Tempest nearly every time, and when tier 4 it hits for 8k to every party member each time.

                    I also recall Iron man having a wicked set with a tier 4 Marble guardian constantly shielding his lead deck. His cards killed me in 2 rounds.

                    I wish there were more people in the arena, as I felt my deck was competitive, once I got to 2k might I was humbled by the top 40-50 decks, giving me no chance of making a run at any of the higher rewards. They need to fix the arena, because it isn't fair to the people not willing to spend hundreds of dollars.

                    Still a very fun and addicting game, I'm currently 40% through city 5.


                    • #11

                      Team 1: Primal Warrior;Alpha Stag;Guardian Angel;Beastmaster
                      Combo: Blessed Stag Rider(Passive-Reduce damage by 20%);Druid Warband(Passive-Raise team's MAX HP by 100%)

                      Team 2: Thorn Witch;Blood Briar;Marble Guardian;Mechanical Knight
                      Combo: Guardian Consructs(Passive-Reduce gamage by 10%);Thorny Threat(Increase ATK by 50% when HP falls below 60%)

                      Team 3: Dire Wolf;Azarel;Sir Galahad;Caradd the Gale

                      My english isn't good,But you can see,these combo is good.Also I have enough cards to Perfectly evolve Primal Warrior\Alpha Slag\Thorn Witch\Blood Briar\Mechanical Knight to next Tier!


                      • #12

                        All done without spending money on the game so far, I was stuck on Boissiney Hills for a while but I'm finally past it 2 levels ago, Currently level 66
                        Concept behind my setup is,

                        Team1 High HP/Damage main team with huge healing from Fenric(soon to be tier2) and extra skill proc from Bard/Battlemage
                        Fenric, Battlemage, Taal, Bard - Combo Battlemage/Bard

                        Team 2 Mostly supplemental Father shields which means as long as team 1 is alive he never does anything again only wasting 1 turn to shield preferably max level Primal Warrior boosting atk
                        Duelist, Primal Warrior, Father Maleficent, Mechanical Knight - No Combo

                        Team 3 Huge damage from Black Knights boost since teams HP doesn't matter so much being 3rd string, or Archmage hitting big. Also put this team at the end for higher likelyhood of proc'ing the 3 mage combo 30%hp dmg ability Good way to do 200k damage to a 4x level 25 fenric that is 1 shotting each party.
                        Black Knight, Archmage, Ember Druid, Ice Mage -Combo Archmage, Ember Druid, Ice Mage


                        • #13
                          Alright, things are getting interesting here! Great decks you guys, especially nice seeing it with pictures!

                          I'll work a bit more on my deck until I post it again to make it a bit more interesting (since it's not that different from before as it is now).
                          Seeing the fenric's is making me a bit jealous as I still haven't gotten one to drop (46 defeated without a single drop).

                          Anyways, keep it coming everyone!


                          • #14
                            Yeah with about 60 kills on each boss I have 3 fenrics, 3 black knights, and 0 Necros, 0 extra fathers since the first 2 you are forced to evolve. working on maxing the extra 1 of each to evolve fenric and knight.


                            • #15

                              My 1st team is a pseudo tank/attack with shields and heals with a passive revive chance.

                              2nd team is a damage anchor/buff/debuff.

                              3rd team is just assembled for stats right now. But normally it would be a "heal leader team" but until I get 4 cards that have that ability this team does what it needs to do for the meantime..

                              Ive started playing 6 days ago, and spent $5 in this game.. ive been unlucky with summoning cards for awhile now but this deck gets me through the quests..