The 8* era started, but it started on the wrong foot.

When 7* cards got added, the events and wandering bosses stopped being 6* cards and moved on to 7*, same with minigames and special summons, thus having a 1-2 "free" (depending on droprates on wandering/city event) 2 payed cards ever since, giving those who pay an advantage of having a equal quality card others do not have/have as many of. The 8* implementation adds a new tier of quality, thus by making it pay only it gives too much of a headstart. Not only to free players but also to former spenders, since their payed 7*s are turning into complete garbage with 8*s on the horizon, whereas previously the payed 7* could still have uses in combination with newer 7*.

Solution: make 8* the norm from now, wandering, minigame and city events, this will make the playing field more fair for everyone.