Hi all,

yesterday I did champions summons (;-D ) to complete the achievements on this game in google play (I had 36/37 achievements there since more than year, so last one to go). I wanted to complete the game in this way, thought it is TOTAL CRAP for 2 100 gems (which I spare hardly since the Trinity emerged, im f2p).

But.. it looks the game is no longer connected to Google play achievements (and EXP). When i go to SETTINGS menu and tap to "Google play" icon, it does nothing (better case) or the game stucks.

Can I sincerely ask others for their experience? Thx a lot in advance for possible answer. It looks when Gaea took the game, it no longer works with Google play, at least for me.

Btw: I havent received single 6* on this sh*t. Just 3,4,5 *. Good that i no longer take game seriously (as I used to), otherwise I would puke on my mobil .-)