Hello again sweet Gaea

One more thing: tree arena
Who was so ignorant to start 4!!!! Stages arena and at the end of stage 4 we can get
1 !!!!! Ascention Stone
1 !!!!! Stats reset
5 !!!!! Purple and Ornage pots
5 summon stones
And a chest

Come on !!!!!! Who is the target of such arenas? Spenders? Old f2p players?
I have NOTHING to do atm !!!!!
Camelot arena is 90 min of playing
Mini Game is - 60 min
Why do You even consider mini game equaly as wandering or event? Even spenders wont play mini longer then 60 min - shorten it to 2 days or mix it with wanderings or classic events.
Is it really that hard to listen ?!?!?!