Hello players! I have complied a list that my guild and I have found ways you can lose your GK.

To best avoid losing your GK, DO NOT do the following....

-Ways to Lose Your GK-
1) switching relams - sometimes switching relams you may lose your GK.
2) recieving rewards from other relams (ie. Arenas, Events, Etc.)

This one i noticed over the last 2 normal events*...
3) once a normal has finished and the rewards dished out your GK % may have dropped a significant amount (ie. I was at GK LVL 7 @ 70% before event ended, after event i was at the same GK LVL but went down to 40%.

*note: i have not noticed this problem in nightmare events.

If you or your guild have found or noticed ways people lose thier GK, please feel free to post those ways below as to inform the HoC players.

Hopefully a GM will stumble across this thread and report the ways back to thier devs.