I'm struggling deciding which cards/combo/tier to use...

Given the formula (from the wiki):

(1 + (Stars (total) / (amount of cards in deck) - 2) * 0.1) * (HP (Total) + Atk(Total) + (Tiers(total of all cards) - (amount of cards in deck)) * 1000) = deck value

SS: 300,000 <= deck value < 400,000

What would u use?

Things i've tried:

Ancient Protectors combo w/ Maelgwn Pendragon

Gilded Youth combo w/ Lady Morgause

Love and Mercy combo w/ idk... what would u add here? Nemain/Maelgwn?

Any other ideas?

Also... u prefer higher tier cards with few lvls or max lvl T1 cards?