GMDASH Pendragon or Gieremund

With these new arena and restrictions to them i dont think its fair to new players that have just come to the game. This is okay for veteran players like myself but the fact is that your avoiding of releasing 7* cards in arenas and the arenas are getting boring atm dues to the fact its always the same ones with the same prizes you need to start making changes to these arenas.

With Events you need to update it as well i know normal events use to be 7 days but you have basically cut them in half of the days and this is an unfair advantage to newer players. Ever since after the uther event you have decreased the drop rate of golden arses and they are vital to everyone and they need to be increased. How about bringing a donkey summon pack out and let use use these useless summon charms on this pack.

With Guild wars you might as well stop them until you fix all the bugs that are in them like can't repair building or do any upgrades and the number of people in the war which is more than what is allowed in the guilds.

Thats my 2 cents worth i look forward to your response.