Hey all this post seem a little biased....but please go through it & voice your opinions after

Some times you have a near perfect evolved legendary card (& are still a card short) / or some aspect of game (tokens/summon stone etc) that you might want to double; why not have a game multiplier; sure this would mean a huge power shift; but that's what makes the multiplier a special extremely rare thing; and Kabam should introduce a loyalty based meter to evaluate who has a better chance at scoring a game multiplier.

Also why not have a freeze frame where a person can select 3 to 5 cards that they have already PE or T4'd; so when there is a summon storm or any other event they dont get the same cards they already have; and the leveling factor is that once you freeze the said cards you cannot change it to any other card you may PE or T4.

Summon charms seem a complete waste; introduce a system where they can be used to barter for donkeys.

Similarly; a person may have a huge number of cards in vault that he has PE'd or T4'd; this is of no use to him; introduce a feature to replace said cards in a ratio 10:1 or 25:1 of required card (this should be only for 5 star or 6 star upwards).

In the recent Summon Storm; i noticed that i amongst others had to twiddle my thumbs quite a bit to spend 100+ stones; introduce the option that simplifies this by USE ALL; USE X STONES....makes game play easier, after all that is what we look fwd to.


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