i have a little problem about the new 7*cards, i feel like the art isn't as epic it should be...
I don't want this to feel like i think i can do better or something like that, but i think the art of 7* cards should feel really special and different from the old cards, and the better way i can think about is to do the same thing as you did with abnoba, ben-nu hellborn, skyborn and iceborn, the images should change more.
In the cards i named, the t1 is a basic form of the card (all the ben-nu are eggs), in t2 they grow a little (all the ben-nu are little birds now), in t3 they are big, and in t4 for they have grown to their fullest.
With the 7 star cards should happend something similar, for example, Arthur should keep his t1, but in t2 he should star to unsheathe his sword, in t3 he could have it in his hand and in t4 he could be in a similar position as the meme "the winter is coming".

Maybe i'm asking too much, but it would be nice to feel like you discover something new in heach tier of the card, not just win bigger numbers.

PS: Sir Balin le Savage, is also known *** the knight with 2 swords, so why does he have a mace and a shield??