So I've been trying to buy gems recently and it hasn't worked, I go to buy the gems and after I click 'buy package' the circular loading arrow sits there and then nothing happens no sign to confirm purchase.

Then on other occasions it will make me sign in to confirm but it will pop up with 'Incorrect Apple ID and/or password' with an option to cancel or retry. I have read some guides online none of which have worked ranging from > making a new Game Center account [X] > making a new Apple ID and entering the card details into that [X] > reinstalling heroes of camelot again [X] > smashing my head on the desk with frustration [partly worked, until I regained consciousness].

The funds are there it just doesn't comply once changin the Apple ID I changed it in iTunes Store cloud id and Game Center account.

Whenever I try to login with my kabam ID it says 'login sucessful, please restart the game' and once you click okay it restarts and then to check if it is logged in it says underneath the ID ' relog ' and it hasn't signed in.

Someone with relevant infomation or a harder desk for me to pound my head into please offer advice. I love this game I've made it to level 59 played for 11 days. This game is awesome and I'd love to support it and enjoy it but I can't :/.

Username: BattleMage
Server: Lucan-77
Level: 59
Gk level: 4 --- IV
Apple software version 7+
Phone: iPhone 4