I ammmmmm so annoyed. My account got banned again for tos violations. Contacting support doesn't do anything, I did that the first 2 times and got a generic script about violating the tos and that the decision is final. (Thanks Art.) I am furious. I don't cheat. At this point I really wish I did because I've wasted so much money on this game to just be banned for no reason. This is the third time, and each time occurred after power-farming or power-playing the arena. Basically, I feel like I'm being punished for liking the game. How do people win rank awards without being banned? How do you get to be rank 1 in arena? I've never even gotten close and get banned. What did I actually do to get banned. I disappointed and disgusted. The game is fun but the customer service sucks. I'm happy I saved my app review for "later".