I submitted a case but want to make a post here as well in hopes of better communication. Case #03133033

I recently upgraded my phone and gave my old phone to my son. Before I gave him the phone I did a factory reset on it and removed my SD card, which went to my new device, yet when he downloaded HoC today it logged him directly into my account. I noticed this because he started summoning cards and I asked him how he got to start with so many coins, that's when I saw he was level 86 and had the same cards as my account. I told him to logout, which of course there isn't a logout so he clicked the re-login button which then associated my account with his Google+ login. Why is this possible without any sort of confirmation? Now on my device it says my login credentials have changed and that I need to relogin. When I login with my Google+ account I am now level 2. I need an email, or call, from your support so that I can provide the account information for me and my son in order to have this account restored to my Kabam ID.

Contact me, my email is in my profile.