Ok guys, this is ridiculous. I was always good in arena, reaching a minimum of 3000points in a 10h arena.
I have been struggling now with reaching 1500.
After battling some players, and getting some points, it starts getting to hard.
Common im being matched with people with 1mil hp and 300k dmg with combos, as l have 400k hp and 130k dmg.
Seriously l cant get any summon stones from arena any more.
And what is going on with the rewards, seriously top 50 gets idk for example 3 summon stones and tho ones lower then 50 get potions.
How do you expect players to even get better in this game if they cant get anything through the arena.
Please look into this matching system cause it is not good.

Second this ive noticed at the new Towers ( i dont know what they are called ) at lv 6 last boss at the end when you go back to the hall is a Fern. ( the wolf with 1mil+ hp and 150+k dmg,
When l battle him my last team has straight as l enter the battle 0HP.
And i keep dying and dying.

Please look into these 2 big problems that dont allow non spenders to actually improve in game. I have been stuck at the same dmg and hp for the last 3 months.