Aaron, if you read my Lyonsse posting about my game problems, then everything is tied to Google and the email address that is Googles "[email protected]" which my first game I lost was using. Even though I named the new game "cyanmajenta", all postings to you are being saved using the old name majentacyan. NOW THE PROBLEM. A "chest of gold" harvested in a castle is not being saved in my new game inventory. It is being saved in the old game inventory. The way I know is Google says I have 6 million dollars in gold and over 400,000 just for today which is probably true but my gold readout isn't that high. ALSO, levels seem to not be working correctly. I went in to a battle with level 61 2170/2200 and came out of the battle at level 62 20/2400. I didn't use any stamina. Did you make it easier to climb the level ladder? I like it! ! TELL YOU WHAT AARON take all the inventory, cards, gold, stamina, everything from the old game and put it in the new game. Actually it should probably be the other way around, all the new game stuff to the old game. But, if I have a choice I would like to keep the new game. Although I can't get my rewards because they too are under the old "jed4434... Oh by the way, I renamed the new game "majentacyan". John Davidson