I don't know about you guys but MAN! THIS!!!! is going a little too far. I'm not even going to count the support tickets I sent to them all coming back to me with the same generic response. I actually gave up hope on the 10 summon stone as compensation thing, but not giving me the summoning stones that I earned in the arena is... WOW I am beyond the point where I get mad... Do you want to know the most bugged out part??? My brother plays this and received the berserker card from the berserker arena without even earning the required might. He just went in fought one guy and BAM! What the FREAK does he come and show me? In his vault there's 7 summon stones and the berserker card Oh and 5 Terrahearts for no apparent reason!!! Oh and I assure he did not summon them or receive through any other means. Those cars and summon stones just "appeared" Of course this was too mind boggling to believe when I first saw it I did a thorough investigation to see if it was a glitch. But no it was not a glitch. His storage was all but empty then 2 minutes after fooling around in the arena and ABRACADABRA! His storage all of a sudden becomes a treasure cove. Besides from me thinking that this game has a bull$hit genie who just grants you free cards and summon stones here and there.This made me think that either there some kind of select "players" that KABAM secretly gives freebies to, and my brother is a beginner in this btw. Or KABAM just picks up random bums off the street and puts them in the room labeled "maintenance". Whatever the reason is... I must say that this is quite disrespectful, I have been a loyal player since this game first came to the market. And to just be ignored... Fine let's say that KABAM ignores me, but AT LEAST give me what I earn and stop giving people freebies!!! I also speak for every other loyal and good players on the forum stop ignoring us and please tighten up your maintenance. Just Do It -Nike