Hi there,

player: filuto
realm: Merlin-83

Description: (how to reproduce)

so I leveled my first Sir Owain to level 50.
Then I leveled the second Sir Owain this way: 2x four star card on 40level which gave my secon Sir Owain level 47... + then I used the Golden **** (should give + 3 level) BUT!!! my Sir Owain was upgraded to level 52 instead (maximal available level is 50 for five star card)

so I evolve my first Sir Owain with the socond one.... from the forst one I received 10% bonus and from the second one one 5% (+ the stats were ****ed up (sorry for that))

This is a very urgent bug. It should be not available to upgrade the card like that.

Now I upgraded the evolved Sir Owain to level 70 wit very weak stats. I woul appreciate If you could fix this on my account and fix the bug because of other players.

Thank you