So I was working yesterday, and during that time apparently there was a glitch in the new golden castle event. Hundreds of new and none paying players got dozens of galahads and the new combo cards, in fact it was 75%+ chance drop rate before maintenance happened.

I have spent hundreds of pounds and hours in order to get my 5 card Galahad and now there are players that are new on the server running around with 8 card galahads and the newer combos.

Is this a slap in the face to the players that have supported you through all the £&*^ ups and continued to invest in your product?

On top of that why have I spent hundreds on your max level promos to now see them given away on top of hundreds of donkeys that took me weeks to get through instances?

And that's just one of the issues recently, arenas aren't working, constant maintenance issues.

Please kabam can you explain why this has happened? Why should I continue to invest in a game that constantly %#^*& on me.