Sorry but I couldnt find this tickets option in the settings menu:

"Please make sure to thoroughly check the forums and our Support Articles before posting a thread about Bugs and Known Issues.

Also, while the forums are a great tool for reporting bugs, they are not the best place to resolve personal issues. Please submit support tickets in-game via the Settings menu. Personal issues include:

- 'Missing' cards
- Accidental enhancements/evolutions/etc.
- Not receiving gems after a purchase"

My problem is that I didn't receive a reward(or achievement) for being ranked 3rd in arena. The Fire Lord arena finished an hour or so ago, but no go. I havent received my rank reward. Do I miss something? The arena is over and I am at 3rd place, but no reward or (achievement for arena top 10)

Missing ranked reward (two Ben-nu Fireborns) from Fire Lord Balzathor arena
Name: djenkov
Realm: Kay-84