After Patch 3.2 released on July 24, 2014 several users posted about the game crashing on start up. I too had this problem where I would click on the app icon and the Kabam screen would come up for about 1-3 seconds and then the app would close. I was watching the forums closely for this and never saw anyone really give any information except that the developers know about it and are looking into it. On August 15, 2014 they did an update to Patch 3.3.0 and if you actually read it you will come to a section that says:

Note: A network connection is required to play
Works with iPhone 3GS+, iPod Touch 3rd Generation+, and iPad 1+
Requires iOS 6.0 or newer

....The only problem with this is anyone with an iPad 1 or an iPod 3rd Gen will tell you that it is impossible to update the firmware beyond 5.1.1 making the game incompatible with these devices now. If you have these devices chances are you will need to find new devices to play the game on. I am not sure why they would say it works with those two devices when it doesn't, nor do I know why the game in the App Store says "Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later" when it has an important note in the description stating otherwise. Hopefully someone will communicate this to the people who submit it to the App Store so they can change this information so people will not get frustrated with a game that only wants to say Kabam and then explode . Adding this information to the Support section under Loading/Crashing Issues -> iOS Device Troubleshooting would probably be a good idea too.

Here is a good reference to go by for determining future updates and the compatibility with your device.
List of iOS Devices Wikipedia -

If somewhere down the road the developers can roll it back to the 5.1.1 iOS (which I doubt since they probably upgraded it for a reason) please properly indicate the Compatible iOS version in the App Store ... and not just in the description that most people will probably never read.

I'm sure this isn't what people wanted to hear but most games will eventually grow and changes will result in needing better hardware. I'm a little frustrated about it too but looking back I went through 2 computers and 3 graphic cards to keep up with an MMORPG over the course of 6 years so this doesn't seem that strange to me. I hope this post will help those still seeking answers.