I used to be top player in my realm, but I have quit this game after playing for nearly 4 months. The reason was how unprofessional of kabam managing this game. Cards can be modified without notice, manual distribution of rewards (tons of error and delays), arena chaos, sucks customer services, etc….you name it !!!
One example, a friend of mine files a ticket and because of good relationship with kabam’s customer service, he was given 2x 5* powerful cards. See, how unfair to other players in the same realm. I’m glad that I have got the refund from apple of the money spent on this game, full refund This game is not worth to be launched and it appear to be in beta version, or less.

I have stop browsing this kabam forum in few months’ time. Today, I just curious what’s the hottest topic in the forum. When I open up again the forum, well, it is still within my expectations that complaints are still here and there……wake up players!!!! Stop given kabam your hard earn money !! Ask for refund from google and apple and you will get it. Just name a few problems with the game and explain to them. They are more than willing to refund you the money !!
Know what, I have switch to other games, and I’m enjoying myself now. Trust me, this HOC is not worth for your money, if you still like to play mobile games, please go to others, there are hundreds or thousands out there are worth for your money, not this HOC game!

Stop now before it is too late for your to realize how poor of the game.