My English ist very bad i am a Austria player , i hope you understand me.

Treasury error - Support help

Ticket number: 02404886
Nick: Argetlam
World: Bedivere-33

Hello, I hope I'm right here!
I have a few days a ticket sent loud info you get within 1 business day the information.
This was on 08/06/2014, would offer to take a stand.

It was about the treasury. From there, about 80 of 85 cards disappeared and that all 3 stars upward.
Many of them bought me diamonds. As well as month-long agribische collection of the cards.
I have them also NEN Excel output is the number of days older, from the cards.

I thank you times the un informative.

mfg Argetlam

It would greatly simplify that if we could write in German created the traid in the German forum.

If not, just google translate, which is just something wrong when translating