hi guys... i have a problem whit achievment reward ... besaide i have complete some of them and didint get the reward... i mising some achievment... i play whit my frends thys game and they have ather achievments them me complete and goten the reward.. for example i finist a city and i dont have the achievment... is missing ... my frends..gote them... not the reward i mean the achievment in particular. can you take a lock and responde to me what is wrong here thx ..and ya i play on 3 servers at once... and i havent see the achievment on those servers to... my in game name is ceaky on server percival-47 same in server. pellinore-59... for the 3 server i chnage the name a litle i am nTs_Ceaky ... I realy hope you can solve thys problem....thx againe . and i whil whait for one anser.... ty