Hello! I have a problem. And I need a help. My nick name is WaRRioR ( Realm : Lucan-37) P.S. Heroes of Camelot
Today I accidentally sold 10 cards.
I have a screenshot and a list of the cards which I sold :
1)Galzra x1
2)Nathra Verdaine x1
3)Bourgard x1
4)Stormcaller x1
5)Fire Elemental x1
6)Sir Kay x1
7)Arabel the true ( 1+1 )
8)Guardian Angel x1
9)Beastmaster ( 1+1 )
10)Sun Mage x1

Screenshot : http://i58.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0331/...27cf6f22f7.png

I did not want to sell cards. I just want to collect cards there and take a screenshot to show to my friends my cards but I accidentally sold them(
I need a help to return my cards and I promise that I will not put there my cards.I believe that you will understand me and help me.Thank you for your attention.

Other Screenshots(my old screenshots when I had these cards) :