i'm playing in Bors-12, userx169

i just heard a rumor that some players can battle without tickets in arena.
i'm not sure it is true.
but a player that only 72 Lv,'2720' Boss Win, '13' Longest Streak, 51 Unique Cards Collected, 'S' Party Rank.

this guy have over 4400 mights,rank 12th. and most of players near 4400 mights are over 'SS' Rank.
even rank 90Th player has 'SSS'
only 13 streak and over 4400, it needs a lot of tickets. like over 1000 tickets.
even use streak bonus, might need over 600 tickets.
i don't think 2720 Boss kill and 72 Lv give over 600 tickets.
could buy tickets, but buy tickets only for 5 summon stones? that's nonsense.

'some player can battle by consuming stamina points when tickets out.'
this rumor starts in Bors-32(new korean realm) and this come to Bor-12(old korean realm)
in this situation,i cannot believe that it is just rumor.
if that is true, it's not fair to player that want to get reward fairly.

if there are some stupid sentenses, plz understand my english. i'm only korean, do not use english often.