So after two or so months of playing HoC, I finally caved and decided to purchase some gems and upgrade my deck. Last night I purchased 2100 gems (for 29.99 USD) in order to make the 2100 gem summon but during the summon, I got a connection timeout after 5-10 seconds of seeing the spiraling "Connecting..." icon. I clicked "retry" and was taken to the gem purchase screen, where I noticed my balance was 0 gems.

At this point I figured it had purchased the cards and I just didn't get to see the window, but when I took a look at my cards, I noticed no new cards to be found (tried both the upgrade and party windows to confirm).

Finally, I thought maybe they were in my Treasury, so I checked there. Unfortunately, all i found was a single Guinevere cards, which I believe was the bonus for the 2100 gem package purchase.

So, in short, I spent $29.99 and all I got was Guinevere (didn't get any of the summons!!). Please remedy this and either refund my $29.99 (i'll gladly give you back the Guinevere) or put back the 2100 gems I rightfully purchased.

Thank you for your understanding and making this right.

Server: Guinevere-15
Name: A Black Dude