I sent a message yesterday about all the problems we are facing with HOC. I just spend a 7000 gem pack in order to buy an arena bonus, and to be able to buy some tickets.
Once again, a bug appear, and my 118% bonus went away... against a one team with only 4 cards that attacked again and again... Making me loose around 500k hp and 230k attk against a 200khp/40k attak...

I want my money back (meaning part of the total investment it costs me). I won t touch anything of my account so u can check.

If not, i am going to court. Your game is not free, it must be free of bugs. It is not a beta.

Choose what you prefer... Or we can find an arrangement, or we go to court.

Send me a message in game for answer. If you are not in charge for those kind of matter, thx for sending me the appropriate mail.

Without any answer from Kabam before the 14/01/14 included, i'll go lodge a complaint.

Gubgub from Lancelot-2