Gaea Mobile Customer Service

Reaching out to Gaea Mobile's Support team will be simple and easy to use. When you're looking for player support, locating the "Settings" button in the game is the first step to submitting your information for help.

After You have found your settings button, go ahead and click it! In the settings section, look for another section labeled:
-Submit a bug
-Customer Support

This will take you to a section that contains guides and resources about the game and also a feature to submit a ticket directly to us, if these guides do not provide assistance.

image1 (2).PNG

Looking to directly message player support?
Simply click on any article in the list, scroll down to the very end of the article and look for the section the button that says "I Need More Help"


Once you click on the "I Need More Help" button and fill out the form. After you have filled that form out, you will get an email saying your ticket has been sent to Customer Support.


The team will begin responding to your ticket through the email you provided!

(P.S. If your Support Section does not look like this yet, we are still transitioning the game)